We have been handed a playbook on what it means to have power and be successful, but there is something fundamentally missing for WOC.

As people who exist at the intersection of multiple types of marginalization, we are uniquely equipped to understand the issues associated with power structures. The aim of this group is to explore how to grow individually and to help heal the broken power structure in ways that are equitable and empowering for society as a whole.

Power Redefined™

Invites high achieving WOC into the unchartered waters of true liberation.

So they can bring their full selves to the table and lead in a way that is bold, unapologetic and necessary.

Topics Include:

  • Navigating Structural Racism
  • Redefining & Rising In Our Power
  • Showing up as a WOC
  • Purpose, Legacy and Calling
  • Coming Home To Ourselves
  • Finding Your Wisdom and Truth

  • The Problem For WOC

    • We spend much of our careers trying to contort & conform to succeed.
    • We take seats of power, yet we don’t feel seen, happy or power-full.
    • This results in many of us exiting the corporate world.

    We Challenge WOC

    • To dispel the well worn path to the C-suite.
    • To rethink doing well at all costs.
    • To reimagine current systems & structures.

    We Encourage WOC

    • To create a bold vision for their voices, lives & work.
    • To leverage that vision into a new success formula.
    • To help innovate companies forward.