We don't just place WOC. We Vet, Prep, and Propel them with our unique extended success strategy.

What We Bring To Companies:

  • A redefined executive placement process that works for WOC and for companies.
  • Long term success through a 2 year success plan.
  • Access to WOC who may not be on traditional recruiter lists.
  • An empowered interviewing and onboarding process that creates true candidate to company alignment.

When a company gets an nFORMATION woman there is a guaranteed higher rate of success.


  • A high quality, curated list of women.
  • A proprietary set of screening criteria that allows us to review candidates in new and innovative ways.
  • A unique set of company criteria that enables us to strengthen candidate compatibility.
  • A method that helps companies receive WOC in more aligned ways.


  • A special matching algorithm that increases our ability to advocate for candidates.
  • A curated process that highlights unique aspects of WOC leadership.
  • An orientation package that introduces the company to our unique methodology and provides a toolkit for success.


  • A two year post placement program.
  • nFormation membership for the WOC so she can stay in community.
  • Advancement programming so the WOC can continue to uplift her leadership skills.
  • Coaching to ensure transition success.
  • Company sponsor to facilitate traction.
  • 360 degree feedback plan.
  • Safe space programming for the WOC & sponsor.

It’s time to get i(n)to FORMATION