Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is nFormation?

    nFormation is a first-of-its-kind community created by women of color for women of color. It is a vetted, membership-based technology platform for high-performing WOC that seeks to reimagine traditional power structures to not just help more WOC take their seat at the table but to change the way the table is formed.

    nFormation is a community-based app that provides safe, brave and new space for WOC leaders to gather. It will offer on-and-offline events, digital content focused on workplace advancement and showing up as your whole self at work, corporate advisory services and a unique board and executive placement plus extended success service that includes individual and corporate coaching, feedback and support for two years post-placement.

    It is a place for WOC to be seen, heard and supported.

  • For whom did you create nFormation?

    nFormation is for high-achieving WOC who are looking for safe space as well as career advancement opportunities.

    We believe titles aren’t everything but in general, nFormation women are professionals from diverse industries. Within traditional companies, they are typically Director level and above. They are founders and creators too. They are leaders and decision makers. Some nFormation women are retired, or in public service, or are entrepreneurs. We care about leaders not labels!

    We are looking for women of leverage and influence to join our movement, and we recognize that every rule was made to be broken, so please don’t hesitate to apply.

  • What are the criteria to apply?

    We are looking for high performing, self identified, WOC who are looking for safe, brave, new space and are committed to supporting other women in the nFormation community.

  • How do you define WOC?

    Any person who self-identifies as a WOC.

  • Do you have plans to expand nFormation beyond senior WOC executives?

    We wanted to start by creating a unique resource for senior WOC, so that is our focus for now.

    We invite “Up and Comer” women to join our Up and Comer waitlist to learn more about future roll out plans

    We are also exploring ways to bring “Allies of WOC” into the movement. Allies are also invited to join our Allies waitlist.

  • What is the difference between your General Membership and Premium Membership?

    Our General Membership is designed to engage high performing WOC in an exclusive yet welcoming environment that values the power of safe space, authentic connections, and world class training and development experiences.

    Our Premium Membership is designed to help high achieving WOC lead, advance and change the game. Through a series of elegantly curated retreats, training and closed door events, we create an environment that challenges and encourages members to align with their unique voice and calling as a leader and forge their own innovative path toward growth and contribution.

  • What is included in the General membership?

    ● Safe Space - a place where you can show up as your full self and just BE. A place where your greatest opportunities and challenges can be seen, heard and recognized as important.

    ● Professional Network - a place where you can meet other high achieving women of color, hear their stories and make authentic connections that expand your professional and personal circle.

    ● Access to Our Thought Leadership - a place where you can engage in our unique philosophy and perspective around leadership, power, and changing the game.

    ● Power of Community - a place where you get to leverage our collective - brain trust, networks and resources to get shit done - problem solve, focus group, you name it.

    ● Training and Development - personal and professional growth opportunities through a phenomenal network of experts, change agents and thought leaders.

    ● Exclusive Dialogue Forums - for those looking for culturally aligned spaces to share your stories, wisdom and experiences.

    ● Resource/ Content Library - access to curated information & events that support your scholarship and expand your reach.

  • What does the Premium membership include?

    Our premium Services are designed to help high achieving women lead, advance and change the game. Membership includes access to all of the experience, content and information contained in General Membership, plus:

    ● Unique Advancement and Placement Opportunities - our values aligned collaborations enable us to identify distinct opportunities within vetted companies and provide a set of exclusive services to ensure that our women stand up and stand out.

    ● 2-Year Post-Placement Plan - nFormation sets the stage for positive impact and advancement through a thoughtful set of wrap-around services and a 2-year post-placement plan that significantly strengthens the probability of long-term success.

    ● Firsts, Fews, and Onlys Advancement Curriculum - whether you are looking to make a move within your existing company or transition to another organization, our Power Redefined™ curriculum gives you a front row seat to a customized set of uncommon yet vital conversations and trainings necessary to thrive as your true self and lead with integrity in any environment. [check our events calendar for the training schedule]

    ● Private Virtual Dinners/Retreats/Roundtables - once a month we’ll set the stage then invite in an eclectic mix of game changers to help spice up the dialogue and foster exciting food for thought with you and your fellow sisters. [see our events calendar]

    ● Reserve Library - exclusive anytime access to research and White Papers- rooted in key topics and themes relevant to WOC, Leadership and Advancement.

  • How exclusive is the membership?

    nFormation is a vetted community. We care deeply about cultivating an authentic community made up of high performing WOC who care about creating safe space and lifting each other up to succeed. We believe titles aren’t everything. We care about leaders not labels and urge you to apply if you think nFormation could be for you.

  • When will nFormation officially launch?

    Our waitlist opens on October 7, 2020 at which time we’ll start reviewing applications. The nFormation app and other membership offerings will launch in January 2021. Accepted applicants will gain access to the platform during full launch in January in a staggered fashion.

  • What does the nFormation application entail?

    Applicants can apply or nominate someone else to join the waitlist through the nFormation website. We will vet each applicant based on information provided via an intake form and/or via LinkedIn validation. Each application will be thoroughly reviewed.

  • Who are the co-founders and why did they start nFormation?

    Rha Goddess and Deepa Purushothaman were brought together over five years ago. Deepa was a “first” Senior Partner at Deloitte. Rha left corporate America and the chemical industry as an “only” two decades ago to focus on helping leaders find their passion, purpose and calling. Deepa has spent years focusing on women’s leadership and inclusion strategies to help WOC navigate corporate structures. Rha has helped hundreds of high impact leaders realize they can work in ways that honor their values and uplift new definitions of power, profitability and success. Together, they have discovered that there is a collective untapped power that WOC have yet to harness and leverage. That is why they have come together to launch nFormation.

  • How do you work with companies’ internal HR teams and headhunting firms?

    nFormation has strong relationships with many of the big headhunting firms as well as internal executives at the country’s top companies. We have both long term partner arrangements with firms and opportunities to explore one off placement-lite alternatives.

    We are creating a new level of access to amazing WOC executives who companies might otherwise not know about. nFormation sets the stage for positive impact and advancement through a thoughtful set of wrap-around services and a 2-year post-placement plan that significantly strengthens the probability of long-term success.

  • Is nFormation open to WOC outside the US?

    Our focus right now is on women and companies based in the U.S., but if there is demand from women based overseas, we will evaluate how we can expand nFormation globally.