A Safe Space

For high performing WOC leaders to gather in community

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Does this sound familiar?

I feel angry, frustrated, isolated and alone in my role.

How do I actually change the structures around me?

I am exhausted from having to show up and hold it together day in and day out.

I am overwhelmed by having to raise consciousness for my entire leadership team.

I am starting to question if it is worth it and asking about my legacy.

nFORMATION can help you.

The Power of Me: Access to a world where you can find your voice, identify your people and uplevel your leadership.

The Power of We: A community where we chart our collective legacy and change structures for all.

Safe Space

A place where you can show up as your full self and just BE. A place where your greatest opportunities and challenges can be seen and heard.

New Opportunities

Access to WOC friendly leadership opportunities on Boards and in the C-Suite.

Brave Leadership

A place where you can engage in our unique philosophy and perspective around leadership, power, and changing the game.

Training and Development

Access to personal and professional growth opportunities through a phenomenal network of experts, change agents and thought leaders.

Exclusive Dialogue Forums

A place where you can share stories, wisdom and experiences.

Collective Change Resources

Access to curated information & events that support your scholarship and expand your reach.