nFormation is a first-of-its-kind community created by women of color for women of color. It is a vetted, membership-based technology platform for high-performing WOC that seeks to reimagine traditional power structures to not just help more WOC take their seat at the table but to change the way the table is formed.

nFormation provides safe, brave and new space for WOC leaders to gather and a unique board and executive placement plus extended success service that includes individual and corporate coaching, feedback and support for two years post-placement.

For Women of Color

nFormation helps WOC step into their full voice and power.

We create brave, safe space to address the deep sense of isolation high achieving WOC feel, and create new ways to show up so we don't just join the table but actually change the way the table is formed.

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For Companies

nFormation gives companies access to senior WOC who are C-suite and Board ready.

We help companies create space for WOC to show up as their full selves and we give companies access to new voices and new leadership to address what comes next.

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